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Christ, my wonderful wife, our dog, cars, movies, TV, music, loving people.

Keep sinning that grace may abound?


This is a comment on this post about foul language.


Guys God gave us grace so that we could spit on it. That is sort of the whole point. I mean sure, obeying the Bible is great, but if you follow it to a tee, you are going to get worn out. We are not perfect….

The Doctor:

“Clara, I’m not your boyfriend.”


“I never thought you were.”

The Doctor:

"I never said it was your mistake."


Oh Jesus! Thank you. You give so it’s Your right to take it away. Jesus I don’t live for my glory or pleasure. Jesus I wasn’t even put here to be happy. I was put here to be one with You. Thank you for steering me away from this cycle if selfishness.

JESUS YOU LOVE ME. You gave up you First Born to adopt your former enemy. Thank you. I love you

Done. I decided to ditch the pick guard for a while. I like it.